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we are the Revolution Project.


Here at the Revolution Project, we are driven to eliminate oppressive institutions and policies in our local government. We strive to build a grassroots network of revolutionary activists that will forever dominate Columbus politics.


The plan is simple but arduous. We organize, educate and mobilize revolutionary activists with the effective political tools of fundraising, canvassing, and phone banking. When our army of volunteers grows powerful enough to take on our local politicians, we will get in contact with every voter in our city and convince them to reach out to their elected officials and demand action with the promise that they will vote against them if they do not. On a normal day, our politicians might receive 30 phone calls. On that day, they will receive hundreds if not thousands of calls from their angry constituents. At that point, our elected officials will realize that they will not be able keep their jobs unless they meet our demands. As the saying goes, "if they cannot beat us then they will join us".

For clarity, we have no ill will against our government officials. The way that we see it, even the most principled activist cannot avoid being corrupted by the system if they get elected. The system conditions even good politicians to associate maintaining their seat with continuing the revolution. They falsely come to believe that "if I vote for this meaningful legislation, then I will lose my seat and no longer be able help anyone". James Madison, who wrote the U.S. Constitution, expressed in the Federalist Papers that he could not imagine a society where the vast majority of people were not politically involved. However; that is the society that we live in today. Our electoral system is built with the assumption that there will be organizers consistently holding our politicians accountable to the people. The Revolution Project is happy to fill this need in our community.


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